Swellpro Splashdrone 3+

Enhancing and extending the features of the previous SplashDrone 3, the latest SplashDrone 3+ is the most reliable and versatile waterproof drone yet.

Coupled with several different payloads such as waterproof gimbal 4K camera GC-3, waterproof payload release with HD FPV live video PL-2, waterproof payload release with 4K camera and 1axis gimbal PL-3, and the upcoming waterproof payload release with low-light camera PL-4. SplashDrone 3+ can be adapted for a wide variety of uses. It is an all-purpose, all-weather, waterproof flying platform.

Find more information on the Splashdrone 3+ at https://www.swellpro.com/waterproof-splash-drone.html

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Fisherman PLUS
Fisherman Maxx Pack
Fisherman Night
Fisherman PLUS Maxx
Fisherman Night Maxx
 w/ Ground Station


SAR device PL2 Release
3 Axis Gimble
Night Camera & Payload Release
Gimble with Payload Release

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