Precision Irrigation Monitoring

Helping growers make every drop count


Irrigating really boils down to just when and how much or how long. Sounds simple enough, yet we all know it’s easier said than done.
Getting the right visibility you need to ensure just right amount of water goes out is key. We’ve developed a system, using lots of different sources of information (think sensors, weather data, satellite maps etc.), and distils them down to those bare bones: when and how much or how long.
We use just right number of sources to suit your goals and budget, you can add new sources at anytime (adding to your overall precision) and best of all, we can integrate your existing soil probes or weather station data as well. Not bad eh?

All your sources of decision making information inside a single application

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Discover the savings hiding in your irrigating

We face an ever changing and more challenging climate, with hotter summers and less water now the new normal. For producers everywhere, the price and availability of water has become the driving force behind each seasons’ profitability.
All too familiar is that sinking feeling as full entitlements are not met and prices on the temporary market begin to surge in the face of failing spring and summer rains.
But what if you could save 3, 5 or even 10% off your water usage, how much would that help the bottom line?
With enviroeye we’re putting clever technology to work both on and off the farm, and making it simple and easy for you to conserve your water and reduce costs.
Watch our quick 1 minute video to see how to save.
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