Aerial Photography & Video for Real Estate
Not only can an aerial photography show the entire scope of a property but it can also demonstrate the advantages of its location. DSA photography and videos are professionally produced and have been proven as an effective means to inform both buyers and sellers.
For a potential buyer, a familiarity with the property is already established before the first visit.  At DSA, we help your listings stand out and sell. Our pricing is competitive and service is best in class!  Whether you need one photograph or a detailed video, our drone pilots can help. If you’re wondering, “how do I get an aerial view of my house?”, you’ve come to right place.
Why use aerial drone and video content to market your listings?
In today’s highly competitive real estate market, improved sales effectiveness is now a major priority. Traditional forms of marketing are being shelved in favour of mobile smartphones, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media.
DSA aerial & ground photography, video and interior video walkthroughs are giving real estate agents a distinct advantage over their competitors.

Floor & Site Plan

Floor plans are one of the most effective property marketing tools, and is sought after by potential home buyers.
A professionally drawn, clear and precise floor plan helps the buyers visualise a property's flow, and how its space will work for them.  Post-inspection, a plan is a great reminder of the layout, allowing serious buyers to image living in the home by mapping out their own furniture placements.
Plans are also great for out-of-town buyers or those who miss the inspection, helping to bring an unseen property to life while maintaining their interest.  Likewise, including a plan on a signboard can generate interst locally, driving inspection numbers and in turn competition.
At DSA we take accurate laser measurements of a home before creating a clear plan featuring room dimensions and total property size.  We can also include extra details on your request such as the agencies logo or other information.
DSA offers a range of floor and site plans to suit your marketing needs.

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