Agricultural Mapping

View your farm like never before, with a detailed aerial map.  Get a visual perspective of your land, features and infrastructure with a highly accurate digital map.  Our mapping drones capture high resolution images that are processed into digital orthomosaic maps.  These maps can be used with our spray drones or further processed for other applications.

See our Farmboard page for hardcopy options for these maps

orthomosaic map

An orthomosaic map is a detailed, accurate photo representation of an area, created out of many photos that have been stitched together and geometrically corrected (“orthorectified”) so that it is as accurate as a map. 

Contour map

Using the data gathered through the mapping process, our  topographic maps can be overlayed with contour lines at intervals 5m, 2m, 1m, 50cm, 25cm, and  even 10cm. 

Infrastructure & features map

Get a complete picture of the property with the inclusion of your farm infrastructure and geographic features.  Identify tracks, irrigation or pumps, fences & yards, even low area that become boggy in wet weather.

Vineyard map

Do you know how much area you have under vine?  We can create an orthomosaic map of the entire vineyard with options to display block overlay and area calculations.

NDVI map


digital elevation map

Using the contour map details, elevation maps can be created to visualise the terrain changes through colour variation.

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