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Looking for Aerial Photography or Videography services?

Data Sense Aeromedia specialises in providing high quality aerial photography and video to our customers at realistic prices.
Using full sized aircraft can become very expensive, at DSA we use relatively small but highly sophisticated RPA's (Remotely Piloted Aircraft or 'drones').  This enables us to take stunning photos from the air at a fraction of the price.
If you are after that special shot for your event or would like an aerial shot of your house we can cater for you, from a small one off photo up to large sporting events we have you covered.  We can launch on site and capture that truly unique perspective of your project or event.  We can also ground shots at your event.  
We operate state of the art drones to capture high resolution stills, video footage in 4K (ultra high definition).  We don't send images to overseas processing houses, all imagery is processed in-house in a timely manner so as not to miss any of your business or social media deadlines.  
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