Data Sense Technology is an aerial drone spray operator servicing the Mudgee Region and Central Western NSW. 
Aerial spraying is safe and efficient through simple but intelligent operations with the purpose built XAG spray drone.
Whether on plain fields, orchard, mountain, hill or terrace, the drone is capable of spraying liquid onto every needing crop with uniformity and precision.  Drone spraying is an extremely cost-effective solution for the aerial application of chemicals, the manoeuvrability of the drone allows our pilots to service isolated or difficult access areas and sites which require rehabilitation and/or stabilisation. Combined with Aerial Mapping, our drones can be utilised to service broadacre or specific areas where treatment is necessary, by liquid or granular form.

Spray Drone Applications

  • Intelligent control records the status of the service to ensure precision application.
  • Precise navigation at centimetre-level 
  • Micron level droplets are pushed and flung out from the rotary spraying disc to evenly adhere to the surface of crops. Droplets are enhanced by optimized downdraft from the system’s propellers, as such a mechanism reduces drifting significantly.
  • Cover larger areas in less time reducing labour, time costs and chemical usage
The aerodynamic design of our UAV with the integration of CDA (Controlled Droplet Application) Nozzles had been certified by the University of Queensland provides excellent results, eliminating spray drift while providing excellent results accelerating the spray, increasing its reach, and helping chemical to penetrate through a crop.
Our drone equipped with the 'Jetseed' Granule Spreading System can be used to spread solid particles such as Seeds, Granular Fertilisers, and Pesticides. It is suitable for various operation scenarios such as re-vegetation, herbicide & fertilizer spreading, and more.
Equipped with 8 Electronic Ducted Fans (EDF), granules are propelled by streams of powerful, stable and high-speed air with centimetre-level flight accuracy.  This brings every granule to the place it is supposed to be. The rolling feeder guarantees a uniform output needed. 
XAG JetSeed™ supports different size of granules, from 1mm ~ 10mm.
The rolling feeder can utmost ensure a demanded dosage, by compensating its output volume to the flight speed.
Two independent powerful mixers are installed above the feeder to avoid cluster.

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