Crop Monitoring & Scouting

Data Sense Technology works with world leading Agtech companies such as Taranis & Aerobotics to provide growers with access to cutting edge tools.
It's all about understanding the strengths and weaknesses in the paddocks, in order to increase yield and improve efficiency.  Data Sense works with growers and agronomists to provide detailed insights about crops that would not be noticeable on foot or by traditional land-based methods.

As a farmer, you know the ins and outs of your farm, how it breaths, when it thrives, and when it’s in distress. With boots on ground and hand-tending, your eyes are trained to notice every important detail.  But what about the things that your eye isn’t trained to see, simply because our human eye can’t see certain wavelengths? And what if those wavelengths tell an invisible story about your farm health?

Understanding your crops’ health status isn’t the easiest thing to do. Sure, you can use the “eye test”. But, what if there was an easy, fast and efficient way to see the health of plants and their status and progress over time? That’s where Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) data comes in.  

NDVI is a measurement of plant health based on how a plant reflects light (usually sunlight) at specific frequencies.  Multispectral sensors detect indicators invisible to the naked eye, utilising light reflections and absorptions to calculate an NDVI score. Healthy plants absorb most of the visible light while reflecting a large amount of the near-infrared light. Unhealthy plants do the opposite. NDVI is an extremely helpful tool to assess plant health, and understanding it is important. 

Monitoring high volume commodity crops such as wheat, cotton, canola & more

Taranis uses of machine learning and cutting-edge AI software, algorithms and analytics to analyse the images captured by high-speed drones fitted with specialised imaging technology. 

To find out more about scouting and analysing your crop with Taranis, contact us today!

Specialising in high value crops such as fruit, nuts and berries

Aerobotics is an Ag-tech startup focused on providing tree crop protection to farmers through early problem detection and alerts.

The Aeroview platform combines weekly satellite data, drone imagery and scout information to track farm performance on a per-tree basis, allowing farmers to take a data-driven approach when optimising the health of their farm.

The software uses machine learning to identify early stage problems, automatically detect pests and diseases, and guide farmers to these locations. Farmers validate our algorithms in-field and diagnose the specific problems, ultimately advancing the algorithms’ intelligence and benefiting our grower community.

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