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Data Sense Aeromedia was formed in 2017 and is a family business based in Mudgee, NSW. DSA is a fully insured ($20M PL) and a CASA certified RPA (drone) business, operating with 2 licensed remote pilots.We take flying drones seriously, with all flights undergoing a rigorous risk assessment to ensure every mission is conducted safely and legally.
Initially, DSA was formed to provide services for agriculture and inspections. With Nick Pearce coming on board soon after, it allowed us to provide promotional media & photography services to a wide range of industries. We use a range of state-of-the-art RPA's to capture high resolution images, 4K Ultra HD video and data in a safe, cost-effective and timely manner.  All of our post production work in completed in house, not sent to a processing house that is normally overseas. 
In August 2018, David travelled to California and meet with Chandler Bennett, the inventor & President of Parabug. DSA was the first certified Parabug operator outside of the USA. We have now partnered with Parabug LLC and formed Parabug Australia to manage and build a network of operators around Australia & New Zealand.
In July 2019, DSA partnered with Australian company Enviroeye to provide Precision Irrigation hardware and a single smart dashboard.
In September 2019, to better reflect our business we moved the agricultural services under the Data Sense Agriculture banner.

Managing Director / Chief Remote Pilot

David completed over 30 years in the NSW Police Force, recently retiring as an Inspector. The majority of his career was in the Intelligence field, with his last position as Intelligence Manager in the State Crime Command.

David has significant experience in spatial and data analysis, from both an operational and management perspective.  He believes in providing data driven products that  able to be used by growers & consultants, to assist in decision making and increasing productivity. 

Media Producer / Photographer

Nick is an award winning photographer who brings his natural creative skills and enthusiasm to the business. He is currently completing his Postgraduate Certificate in Photography.

Nick has provided both ground and aerial photography & videography for a range of clients including Destinations NSW, Robert Oatley Wines, Mid-Western Regional Council and Komatsu.

Nick is a CASA Licensed Remote Pilot with certification to fly up to 25 kg aircraft, and night operations. He works in both the media and agricultural sides of the business.

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